Reign of Winter

Session 9

The Land of the White Witches (part 2)

With Toby’s eyes feeling loads better thanks in large part to the haphazard healing genius of the gun toting goblin, the allies kicked back and enjoyed the warmth and comfort of Nadya’s modest home. To everyone’s surprise, Six was getting on quite well with Nadya’s twin sons, and he constantly played at arm wrestling with them.

Eventually, Nadya returned from depositing the good in Waldsby’s fortified storehouse. It was at this time that they learned more about the rather young mother and village “VIP” (see her entry for more details).

After their talk, Nadya invited the females of the group to borrow her missing daughter’s room while the men beded down in the living room. With the coming of morning, Each of them discovered that all of their possessions and clothing that was not being worn had been spirited away during the night. A full search of the various cabinets, dressers and chests of the rooms turned up their items, but they were all immaculately cleaned.

Nadya explained to them that she had rescued a Domovoi and it had since adopted her house and family. It was likely that he was responsible for the strange event. Nadya gave each of the adventurers a set of native cold weather gear to help them blend in better with the locals. She also gave Six her pair of Showshoes of Northern PursuitFollowing this, she took them to the various shops and acted as a translator for their purchases.

Toby gets into an intense conversation with Verana Stolya, the owner of Verana’s Sundries. She agreed to sell him a magical belt for a reduced price if he managed to convince one of the Pale Tower’s guard to not court her daughter. Toby agreed and took possession of the potent belt, which seemed to instantly buff up his physique.

Later that evening after they had returned to Nadya’s place, Nidhwen set about to try and speak with the reclusive domovoi. She left him out a gift of warm milk and food and waited. During the middle of the night, she awoke to find him drinking the gift. She discovered that him name was Hatch and that he used to work at the Pale Tower. To her horror, she also learned that the white witch had used Nadya’s daughter, Thora, to create the strange doll they fought with back in the Border Wood. Hatch revealed that he had told the young girl of the witch, but never did he think that she would say those things to her directly. He suddenly sobs and vanishes. In the morning the discover that the house has went unclean, likely for the first time in months.

Nidhwen and Qari relay the stories of the guardian doll to their friends and Nadya. Nadya agrees to go with the heroes and guide them to the Pale Tower once the storm passes. Later that day, the snow stops and the allies got to make preparation to storm the tower.

Toby, Qari, Nidhwen, and Colt head to the White Weasel for some food and drink. During their lunch, Katrina Goltiaeva slips Toby a strange drink which causes him to stand up and loudly proclaim that he doesn’t belong here and that he is returning to Taldor. Qari and Colt rise to give chase on the halfling. Eventually, Toby is wrangled up and secured by a rope by Six.

Wanting to know what happened, they return to the tavern. After a brief and tense conversation with Katrina, her husband, Emil, suddenly attacks Qari with a heavy crossbow. Emil is eventually killed by Six and Colt while Katrina is knocked out. She seems to be a spell caster is tied up before they wake her for interrogation. As it turns out, she was had made a deal with the white witches to put up the big mirror in the tavern to allow them to spy on the town. But in return, the town would gain a tax credit and reduced guard presence. Nadya has her taken to the storehouse until they can determine what to do with her.

An hour or two later, the sounds of dogsleds start coming from the town square. Looking out they discover about a dozen guards moving into the tavern. Then six of them peal off and go door-to-door searching. Nadya and the heroes briefly discuss their course of action. The children are sent upstairs to the loft while the adventurers take a defensive position around the room and windows.

Nadya answers when they pound of the door, but they jerk her from the room and slam her against the wall. A fight immediately starts as the ones inside house take advantage of the windows to fire magic, arrow, and bullets at the guards. Six and Toby move outside to give Nadya support. All in all, the fight is over quickly. The last of the guards seemed to still be inside the tavern, so, they began moving toward it quickly.

As they arrived, they discovered that the tables had been overturned and two of the local girls that cleaned up the floors had been tied up and left barely conscious. Colt and Qari fought from the window with spell and shell. Nidhwen and Nadya used bows from the next one, while Six and Toby moved to the door to charge inside. The battle was intense as the tables made the use of ranged attack more tricky, but eventually, the last five guards were downed with the heroes combined might.

After looking around at the wreckage of the tavern for any more enemies, Six and Toby frees the two girl so that Nidhwen healed them. Nadya looked to her new friends and allies, and asked “When do you want to head to the Pale Tower?

Join us next week to learn their answer.



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