Reign of Winter

Session 13

The Pale Tower (part 4)

The white witch used a spell from an odd blue ice wand to drop a huge icicle on top of Six before he retreated to the doorway. Slowly, the party managed to kill off the wolves, but the witch and his familiar managed to escape into the room beyond.

Six rushed after him, but when he opened the door the room was empty…

Our heroes search the bed chamber and found another ice teleporter and a door on the south wall with a tapestry covering it. Nidhwen moved into the short hallway and examined the door beyond for traps. It didn’t have any, but it was locked. This was perhaps the most difficult lock she had ever encountered and it proved difficult to pick. Eventually, she managed to open the lock.

Several crates, urns, decanters, and storage boxes fill this small room. A mirrored vanity and chair sit next to the east window. An ice statue of a tall, imperious woman stands in the center of the room.

As soon as the threshold was breached a glyph of warding trap was sprung which attempted to bestow a curse on those foolish enough to enter. Following this, they searched the room and found a trove of treasures that had be placed here by the winter witches. It take quite a while to search and sort through this bounty, but once they do they discover a magical white gold ring with an emerald set into it. Qari and Nidhwen identify it as a ring of regeneration. This item is a very potent magical device that continually restores wounds to it wearer. Six puts on the ring, and they collect up the loot and carry it downstairs to rest up from their last battle.

They rested that night in the rooms below, and in the morning they started to leave through the main door to the courtyard. However, as they opened up the door, they saw the Winter Witch standing in the archway with the battered and beaten form of former captain Hestrig Orlov kneeling on the snow in front of him. She was stripped and bound hand to foot. The woman’s skin looked almost blue with chill as she weakly groaned. Behind them, the winter-touched forlarren bard, Mierul Ardelain, hovered meekly near the wall.

The Winter Witch glared at them as they exited the tower. He accused them of ruining his mistress’s plans and claimed that they would not get away with it. With that he slid his icy blue blade across the tender skin of Hestrig’s throat. Crimson liquid spilled out in a veritable waterfall across her breast to pool upon the ground. The Winter Witch began a incantation in his rough voice that caused the giant ice dragon statue in the middle of the courtyard to shudder and shake. With a roar that sounded of glaciers scrapping together, the dragon rose to life!

Chaos erupted as the dragon engaged the allies in combat. The Winter Witch used his spells while four guards slid down the chutes and began flanking the front line warriors.

Things were looking very bad for our heroes until Nidhwen noticed a familiar blue glint in the dragon’s eyes. It reminded her of the compulsion effect that the captain was under back in the library. Taking a great risk, she used her bardic talents to attempt to reach the woman. Against all odds, she was successful and she managed to free her spirit from the witch’s control.

With this, the flow of the battle shifted dramatically as the ice dragon turned on the guards, the bard, and the Winter Witch. Eventually, the Winter Witch’s guards were taken down and he was over powered by the allies. Mierul was given a summary trial and executed. All that was left to handle was the Hestrig in the ice dragon’s body. After discussing the situation with her, they agreed to leave her here to taken custodianship of the Pale Tower and help protect the innocent villagers from the wrath of the witches.

Following this, they gathered up several teams of sled dogs and began the trip back to Waldsby. For the most part, the villagers were glad that the heroes had struck down the local witch tower, but they were terrified of possible reprisals. That being said, the villagers began to pack up many of their possessions to move away.

Nadya volunteers to guide the adventurers to Whitethrone, the capital of Irrisen, were Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut has been imprisoned. She only asks that she could bring her twin boys along but only as far as the village of Ellsprin and promises that they will not be a burden. Ellsprin is about a week away. After this she will continue to escort them to the capital.

Nadya recommends that they resupply in the village and get some rest before the long journey. Six takes this opportunity to return to the warehouse that they imprisoned the mistress of the tavern. She gives her a note that when summed up tells her that he is sorry for the fate of her husband but with the events that have occurred she should collect her belongings and go in peace. She doesn’t know quite what to make of this development but leaves quickly none the less.



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