Reign of Winter

Session 8

The Land of the White Witches (Part 1)

With the rising of the sun, our group of local heroes had left the village of Heldren, likely for the last time for the foreseeable future. The return trip to the Lodge in the Border wood passed without any more than a few cases of the chills. The next day, they kept moving toward the portal. They had to stop once more before they managed to reach the swirling vortex of wintry power.


Each of the took a long look at it and each other, each trying to steel up their nerves for the long road ahead. One by one, they passed through the portal. The trip through wasn’t exactly painful, but it was far from a pleasant. Once they made it to the other side, they each instantly realized that it is significantly colder here that in the Border Wood. Fortunately, they were deposited on a forested hillside. Looking around they could see lights in the distance, likely from a village some miles away. As they each collected their bearings, Colt pointed toward the sky and suggested they hurry, else they be overwhelmed by a coming snow storm.

Using their new snow shoes to good advantage, they made pretty good time. It was just short of an hour later when they started hearing the unmistakable sounds of combat. They moved toward the source and discovered a group of four humans with spears trying to chase off a ravenous giant mantis. The mantis was aggressively defending a prize that it was clutching in its mouth, another human. Reacting quickly, the group moves to assist the humans. The mantis drops his prey and tries to fight off its new attackers, however, it is soon overwhelmed by the more coordinated attacks.

The leader of the humans walks over and introduces herself to the heroes.

My thanks you for your timely assistance with that damned-able creature. My name is Nadya Petska. It’s not often we see foreigners in Irrisen.

She also invites them to share her tent as shelter against the coming storm. Nidhwen uses some magic to ease the wounds of both her friends and the wounded humans. Nadya’s men set about preparing some food for themselves and their rescuers.

A few hours later, the storm hit outside and an unexpected visitor arrived at the camp.


Nidhwen recognized the creature as a forlarren (a product of an unholy union between a fiend and a nymph). She identified herslef as Mierul Ardelain. She claimed to be a traveling minstral and offered to perform in exchange for a meal and the company. Nadya seemed nervous about the visitors presence, but agreed. As they all conversed during the meal, Nidhwen almost gave away their plans, but Mierul seemed to not notice it and she left as the storm passed.

The next morning, Nadya made good on her promise to lead the heroes to the village and they were soon under way. However, about an hour from the town, a large swarm of raven was spotted in the sky. Nadya informed them that they ravens were a minion of the White Witches and begged them to hid. A large white tarp was pulled over the sleds and people, however, Nidhwen was spotted and the swarm moved in to attack. The swarm tore the tarp to shreds and managed to severely claw at Toby’s eyes before Qari and Colt managed to disperse the possessed birds. Nidhwen tried to heal up Toby’s eyes, but it seemed that the extent of his injuries had left him blinded. Hopefully once they reached the village of Waldsby, they would be able to more effectively treat his wounds.

They arrived at the town at nearly noon. The heroes were drawing plenty of attention from the locals. Nadya greeted several residents that were concerned for her safety, but many of the villagers stare and point at the newcomers before whispering concernedly and leading their children away. Nadya’s home is a stout, unassuming cabin on the edge of town. Once there, they were introduced to her twin five-year-old boys (Orm and Mjoli) and an old woman (Kashka) who,looks after them while she’s away. She asks the to make themselves at home while she deals with her merchandise. She gave Nidhwen a almost spent healer’s kit to assist with the halfling’s eyes. However, Colt ended up being the one best able to help the young ranger’s eyes.

As we leave our heroes, I’ll leave you to think about the sight of a Goblin Gunslinger performing a heal check on a set of eyes…

Grinning Goblin: [In a high pitched voice] Now this might sting. More than a little, but less than ‘OH MY GODS MY HAIR IS ON FIRE!’…



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