Reign of Winter

Session 11

The Pale Tower (part 2)

Six, Toby, and Colt search the two barracks, but they find little more than empty beds and weapons lockers. Regrouping in the entrance hall, they use wand and spells to heal up the wounds dealt by the guards before turning to look at the icy teleport pads…

Six was the first to step onto the teleport pad and after some effort, he was able to grunt out the necessary phrase to active it. Everyone watch in almost horror as his body was quickly covered in ice from toe to head and shattered. Toby picked up a few pieces of the ice and tried in vain to fit them back together.

- -

A crescent-shaped dining table occupies this Y-shaped chamber, while two large mirrors on the north and south wall create the illusion of an even larger space. Twenty feet overhead, an immense chandelier of ice crystals hangs from the ceiling. To the east, rounded steps access a short hallway, flanked by twin ice sculptures of dryads holding ice-carved tree limbs, creating an elaborate archway. Translucent, glasslike double doors are set in the hall’s north and south walls. To the west, two alcoves stand between three windows providing an amazing view of the wintry landscape outside the tower.

As Six blinks away the slight disorientation from the icy teleportation, he is attacked by cold energy. He moves out from behind the table in into the center of the room. One by one, each of the others start to use the pads to move to the floor above. Eventually, Qari made it into the room and with the application of detect magic was able to point out the two invisible atomies that had been attacking the fighter. While the diminutive fey weren’t causing substantial damage to the allies, they did manage to reduce both Toby and Six to half their normal size before they were beaten.

After waiting several minutes, the two adventurers returned to normal size and continued onward. They took the northern door and found themselves in some type of conservatory.

Several table, covered in flowering plants and decorative figures both large and small, occupy the corners of this brightly lit large room. A large mirror hangs on the northern wall, while double doors lead further north.

As soon as six and toby opened the doors a filthy creature resembling a small, wide-mouthed fat child made from leaves, vines, tree bark, dirt, and pallid tubers managed to break free of a chain that was holding it in the eastern corner of the room. It let loose a shriek and charged into six. The mandragora’s shriek caused Qari to become nauseated for the rest of the battle. Six and Toby managed to pull it into the hall to make better use of flanking attacks, but it managed to score a good hit on Nidhwen. The elven bard was poisoned by the attack, however, the plant creature was quickly dispatched.

Nidhwen then slammed her head into the ice statue for no reason. Six tried to disable her to keep her from harming herself again, but she pulled a dagger from her side and stabbed at him. Luckily, the dagger didn’t penetrate his armor. After that, she seemed to come to her senses and not remember the last few seconds of the battle.

Moving on, they discovered the northern hallway and a teleport pad that Hatch had explained lead to the Aerie. They bypassed this teleporter and found their way into a large hall.

A long red carpet extends from the western doorway of this mirrored hall between ice sculptures of twin nymphs, ending at an open alcove to the east. Passageways continue north and south, following the contours of the tower’s outer wall, where windows look out over the open courtyard below.

As they moved into the room, they discovered another teleport pad in the eastern alcove, however, this teleport pad looked a little different from the others in that it wasn’t glowing the pale blue light. They moved to a single door on the southern side of the room and opened it.

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves line the walls of this sprawling chamber. An ornate wooden table, covered with open texts and lit candles, and six chairs sit in the middle of the room. A massive mirror hangs on the western wall.

As Six and Toby are about to enter the room, they see a woman walk into view and sit in a chair next to a bastard sword that has been leaned against the table. She doesn’t appear to notice them, so, Six backs out of the room. He points to Toby and gestures for him to go left while he goes right. Colt holds fast at this door while Qari and Nidhwen move to the double doors in the dining hall. Six and Toby meet back up at the door immediately behind were the woman sat down and open the door and move in. Colt used his goblin size and natural stealthiness to slip into the room and remove the bastard sword from the space beside her and back away to the corner. Eventually Nidhwen and Qari join the others in the room and attempt to get her to surrender.

Their efforts seem to be going well, and Qari realizes that she was reading about dragons. She also recognizes the spark of magic in her as originating from a draconic ancestor. She seems all set to give up when a strange flash comes from the mirror behind them and an icy blue glow comes to the woman’s eyes. She forms a magical shard of ice in her hands not too dissimilar to a flame blade and attacks with it. Nidhwen quickly realizes that she is being controlled and tells Six, Toby, and Colt to try and subdue her. With shear numbers they manage to contain her and knock her unconscious. They tie her to the table and sprinkle an oil of protection from evil on her body, hoping that it’ll remove the charm.

The leave her tied up on the table while they move to check a small room to the southwest. This turns out to be a small bedroom with a locked chest. Nidhwen begins to work at picking the lock. Eventually they discover a bag of coins, a light crossbow, a strange frosty blue potion bottle (Qari and Nidhwen identify this as an Ice Floe Elixir), and a common white hooded cloak. Nidhwen showed the others the items and some of them instantly recognized the cloak as being identical to the one that was worn by Meirul the forlarren bard that happened across their camp on their first night in Irrisen…



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