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Welcome to Heldren.

The adventure begins in the small village of Heldren in southern Taldor just north of the Border Wood near Qaadira. This area of the Inner Sea Region contains populations of humans, halflings, half-elves, elves, and gnomes. While half-orcs are rare, they are not unheard of in this region but unlike many places humans treat them about the same as they do the other “common” races. Indeed, Taldor is a somewhat tolerant country, so it wouldn’t be unheard of to see even stranger beings.

Taldor’s capital of Oppara is almost 200 miles northwest of Heldren, and the closest sizable city is Zimar, Taldor’s third largest city. This fortified city on the Jalrune River houses a large number of Taldan troops ready to defend their borders from the Qadirans to the south. A small town named Demgazi sits on the other side of the Border Wood from Heldren.

Heldren has a population of 181, nearly all of them Humans with just a handful each of Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes, and Elves. Most of those that live in or near Heldren are farmers, herders, and woodcutters. Heldren’s town hall and its single inn, called the Silver Stoat, are the two largest buildings in the village, followed by the sawmill that brings income to the quiet settlement. A small armory sits atop a low hill northwest of the town square, ready to provide a minimal amount of refuge in case the village is attacked. Like many small villages, Heldren also contains a general store, a blacksmith, a stable, a butcher shop, a barber, an apothecary, and a wise woman who sees to the village’s needs. To provide spiritual guidance to the village, a small temple of Erastil stands near the center of town.

Main Page

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